Friday, March 15, 2013

Fridays Featured Finds: Nesting Dolls

Rose Matryoshka Nesting Doll Printable paper by Fantastic Toys

Nesting Dolls have always fascinated me even though I don't have a collection of them myself. These little women are so cute and adorable.I hve recently seen that there is now a twist on nesting dolls. I know there is a proper term to use for them which is Matryoshka dolls. But either way, no matter what you call them they are so unique. Now I notice that they are no longer come created just  as women. These doll come in animals and other creative  things to. There is no limit.  Here is just a couple of my favorites that I found while surfing ETSY.

Russian Blue Matryoshka Collectible dolls by MuntjacVintage

I am a big fan of stamps so this was a must for this post. They are so so so adorable! And I am a sucker for art. These are her original designs!

Nesting Doll Stamp set by The Small Object

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