Friday, March 8, 2013

Fridays Featured Finds: Cassette Tapes

Clutch Mix Cassette Tape Purse by Brave Moon Man
 Cassette tapes has always excited me! They Just have that Vintage look to them that I love. Now what made me jump on ole school cassette tapes... well i was out thrift shopping and saw a shelf full of the. So this inspired me to scan Etsy to find some unique cassette tape inspired Items. Now you know that Etsy will have some of the awesomest (is this a word? :) Creative things.

 I found this cool Clutch mix cassette tap purse which is soooo so cool. You can get these in all different colors in her shop. And the cool jams just adds to it. So throwback and I love it! You can find more of these at Brave Moon Man on Etsy!

Cassette tape woven sewing labels by Night Owl Menagerie

These are the coolest woven sewing labels! Oh yeah, Kickin' it Old Skool! This is also one of her orginal artworks. So unique! And yes I want these.... now what would I put them on. Hmmm I am going to brainstorm on that cause these are so darn stinkin' cute! You can also see more label designs at Night Owl Menagerie on Etsy!

Cassette tape Pillow Case By Classic By Nature

Now this is just what my couch needs..... Unique cassette tape pillow case and all the other pillow cases in their shop. I do love the Modern and Urban feel I get with this pillow. You can see more pillow designed cases at Classic By Nature on Etsy!

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