Monday, March 18, 2013

Featured Artist: Earth Mother 195

Earth Mother in her studio crafting

I was able to get up with Angela Davenport from Earthmother195 to find out more about her creative dream catchers. When you think of dream catechers you think of Dreamy, Rested, Calm and Relaxed.... your traditional dream catchers. But EarthMother195 has put a cute twist on these whismical unique dream catcher. So I just had to get an interview with her to get to know more about her and her work. So this is how the interview went!
~What inspires you to create?~
I get my inspiration from everywhere! I keep my eyes open constantly for new things that inspire me. It may be found in the most unlikely of old jar left in the woods that has grown moss on it may become an inspiration for a photo shoot; or a book that I'm studying from the library; It may be something that I've seen and fell in love with - like a style....such as the new Bohemian fashions, which have inspired my newest BOHO Collection; or it may be a dream I have; even a person may inspire me to create something that reminds me of them, their style, or the way they live. Anything I find magickal or spiritual to me may also inspire me.

~What is the favorite of all your creations?~
I've had two such all time favorite creations. The first one is the very first dream catcher that I made. My husband didn't want me to sell it, for it was also his favorite. I named it "Day of the Dead".

After it was sold, the one that captured my heart the most was "The Wolf & The Raven" Dream Catcher. It was inspired by a person that I met who relates to wolves.
"The Wolf & The Raven" sold very recently. I have pledged a donation of 14% of the sale of that particular dream catcher to Full Moon Farm Wolf-dog Sanctuary.

~How does a typical crafty day go for you?~
A typical crafty day may find me working on the backdrop for a sensational photo shoot that I have in mind for one of my items, perhaps scouting through woods or sewing fringe on brightly colored pillows, or even setting up sheet tents. Photography is also one of my passions! I put as much effort in to the photography of my items as I do in creating them.

Another quiet day may find me in my shoppe, sitting in a glider rocking chair, leaning toward a dream catcher web that I'm working intently on weaving.

A fun filled day of creation would be one of those that my daughter shows up and starts crafting alongside with me. Sitting at the kitchen table we will beam at each others' work, beading, beribboning, and braiding while my little grandkids run around the room, getting in to everything & acting crazy, keeping us laughing.

~What keeps you motivated to keep creating?~
My motivation come from somewhere deep inside me. It is just a part of me that I was born with. I don't know, Maybe it is because I am a Pisces. I just feel drawn to art, painting, drawing, photography, writing, & creating.

My motivation really has to kick in when I have to have the patience to start over on a part that I have made a mistake on. After putting in a lot of work on a piece, it is hard to take it all apart and re-do it. I will, though, because I want my pieces to be quality pieces that last and bring happiness throughout the years.

~Tell us more about EarthMother195, what's it all about?~
EarthMother195 is liable to be anything at any time. It is whatever inspires me - whatever happens to be created through these hands.

 ~Random question: what is your favorite tv show or movie~
I just can't sit still long enough to watch t.v. I always feel like there is something else I'd rather be doing! I have a busy schedule with my day job, my Etsy Shoppe, housework, and I'm also the lead singer in Deeper Ground's band.

~Where can we find out more about You and your shop? Do you have a Facebook , twitter or other places we can find you?~

You can find me here:

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