Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blog-ganized Blog Planner for Blogging

I have fallen in love with my new Blog-ganized (as I call it) Planner. This thing was a lot of printing... well I did save paper by printing on the front and backs. Plus recycled papers, and the results was lovely.

I created this for the whole year. I also could have printed for 6 months but I wanted to have everything all in one. For the cover I used some cute school days scrapbooking cardstock papers (I thought these were so so adorable. Gives off the vintage inspired feel. Also I used a  plastic sheet for the top cover to keep it from getting banged up from everyday use.

So I bet you are wondering where I found the cool PDFs that are inside. Well while surfing Etsy I saw that there was a lot of planner PDF pages for blogging. CHA-CHING! So I thought It would be a great idea to compile together a blog planner. Inside is a mixture of PDFs from a few creative artist on ETSY who create these to make an Etsy Shop owner's life more manageable. Some of the pages that I have are to plan post, Featured artist, Blog Statistics, Contacts, Emails, and more. Some customized for me to tailor to what I needed and others were pre-made. Guess I can go on and on and on.

Here are a few good Shops I've gotten my PDFs from that I can recommend to you. 

These planner journals are assembled by monthly and then spiral binded so that the pages are easy to turn. I also so called pimped them out with some smashbook journaling supplies by K & Company.  I still have more to get. And more Decorating to do.  They have the cutest things. I'll have to post in another post so that you can see the goodies they have.

If you are really trying to get into blogging try making one of these and see if it works for you. So this is how I keep up with everything for my blog.  I am currently working on a planner for my  Etsy shop bookkeeping stuff. So I will keep you posted on that also.
There are so many Scrapbooking papers that you can use for your cover. What ever your style is!


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