Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THRIFTY FIND: Cool Cheap Storage Finds oh and CUte

I am in the process of randomly finding new storage thingies for my craft room. Storage to put my Buttons, Snaps, Clasp, and other supplies in . Today while making a trip to staples, I found some cute boxes By Martha Stewart that was on clearance for $1.00! These boxes are pretty sturdy and also they are stackable. I did see that they had some larger ones that I probaly will go back to pickup. The larger ones were only $2.00.

I just had to get these because the color matches my BFF (sewing Machine). I picked up about 4 of these boxes along with some sticky note pads.

These sticky note pads came 3 in a pack and they were also on clearance for $1.00. 
So that was my thrify find for today! CHEERS


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