Sunday, February 24, 2013

Frida Kahlo Painting Complete... Take A peek!

"You may refer to them as my pets, But I am their mother and they are my children that I could never have."

So this here is the finish ending of my painting project that I was working on."Owl, Parrot, Cat, Dog, and I, Frida Kahlo"

I created this painting on an 18" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas. I kinda tweaked it from the drawings that I have prepped on the canvas at first. You can see it HERE

The starting process of my paintings. But in the end I like the results.

 This is a continued version of my skull bar paintings that I do. The background being a mixture of brushstroke colors. For some reason green is definitely my favorite color for paintings, and pink is my favorite for everything else... like fashion. :)

So I have already trotted back to Micheal's for another canvas to start on another "MASTERPIECE"

This painting is up in the art shop HERE:

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