Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TUTORIAL: Shipping International - USPS Custom Forms instructions.

Customs Declaration CN 22- Sender's Declaration . PS Form 2976

Have you ever thought about shipping international in your Etsy shop or other Venue? Well if not, You may be missing out on a lot. It's always exciting to find out that your item is going to another country other than your own. Well any item going to any part of the world is exciting.

So, First things first. Shipping international is easy. If you are shipping a 1st class international (small package), Priority mail international (small flat rate box), or certain Express Mail International Items. Then this article is just for you! (The front of this form gives you the skinny on what you can and can't ship. If all else fells, you just walk your self right up to your postal clerk and fire away with your questions)

Now you can weigh your items at home and print postage but I would rather go inside and have them weigh it. If it is domestic, I always weigh and print my postage at home. So for International orders I always head to the post office for that.

Okay let's break this form down. This form is called "Customs Declaration CN 22-Sender's Declaration. PS Form 2976. There are three carbon copies that are included in the form. So be sure to press firmly.

Filling in the form:
The top choices lets you check which category your item fits in. Documents, Commercial Sample, Gift, Merchandise, and other. I always chose Merchandise. Be sure not to try to "get Over" and put gift to help avoid custom fees. This is a big NO NO and you can get in big big trouble for that. It says country of Orgin of Goods. I have always left this one blank. Next you can fill out a "Detailed description of contents (1) This is to describe exactly what your item is. Try to be specific as you can. And yes, I was thinking the same thing. The space is to darn small. Then you have QTy for Quantity (2) This would be the number of items inside. Next we have the Weight (3) This lets you put in the pounds and oz. I always leave this one balnk and let the post office clerk fill this in. I don't want to overweigh or underweigh a package. This can make things difficult and held up at customs. Also the post office clerk is going to have to re weigh this any to give you the cost of postage. So now we would fill in the Value Tarriff 3 (5) This spot here is another spot that I never fill out. 

Now we have  Totals(6) Where you tally up you numbers and bring them down to the bottom. Easy as pie. There is a Exemption /exlusion Legen (7) I always check the 1st box. NoeeI 30.37(a) After you have read the mini disclosure you will sign and date in the Sender's Signature and Date (8) Box. 

Whew what a mouth full!

Now to your right side of the form is where you will need to put the From Address (that's you) and the To Address (that's your Customer)

Attach this form to your package. I would wait and let the postal clerk tear of the forms.
And Wahh Lahh you are Finished! P
Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. I'd say about 15-20% of my business comes from Australia. Shipping internationally really makes sense for me. I think it gives me a competitive edge against other sellers with similar items at lower prices. It's easy enough, the forms aren't so bad.

  2. Forgot to mention it is expensive, make sure to mark up your international shipping prices accordingly. For instance, the same items sent from my shop to US cost $2-2.25 whereas $4-4.50 to Australia. Canada on the other hand is not quite as expensive.

  3. Great post - I just hate when I find a great shop on Etsy and then they don't ship internationally (I'm from Europe)!

  4. There are some formalities available to send products in other state or in other country. People have to feel some form to send products at confirm place.


  5. A great post, you have covered this in great detail. It's very important to make sure that you fill in any paperwork correctly when shipping internationally, the more you can do get your package to its destination the better.


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