Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time for Some Shop Branding!

Today I had some spare time to redo and rethink my branding for my shop. I needed to get myself together on that. So I decided to make me some business cards.... 100 to start with. I needed some receipts and also some care instruction cards. I was able to get the hang tags printed but they are drying for now. Have them on some cool papers.
If you are wondering how I did all this well a simple program call stationary and brochures. I picked this up at BIG lots for about $3.99. I didn't think that it did all of this. It does take some time and a bit of tweaking and using  your imagination to get what you are looking for. But I was happy with what I came up with.

When the hangtags are ready I will post those up to show you how they went. But until then... Enjoy your Day!!

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  1. You have a very lovely blog. Thanks for posting "what is your blog about" on ETSY...Great topic.



Thanks so much for your comment! I just love reading about what's on your mind!