Saturday, May 19, 2012

My New Etsy Smash Book from K C & Company

I had been eyeballing this book for a while at A.C. Moore. I loved the concept but couldn't figure out what I could do to use it. A book full of strap book paper, folders, and pockets. 

So after some brainstorming I decided to make me an Etsy Smash Book Journal! The journal book that I picked was the Pocket Style in purple. I was able to snatch up some accessories to go with it. 
1. Calendar Pockets $1.99 for 4
2. To do pocket pad list $1.99 stack
3.  I want, I need, tabs $1.99
and more!!
4. Pen - glue on one end and pen on the other $0.00 (Comes with this book) 
So I have my to do list, planner pocket, blogger planner pocker, and much more in this book. 


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  1. My sister was telling me about smash books, you just smash everything in. Sounds good to me. I never really liked scrapbooking because it takes so long! Thanks for sharing. Linda following


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