Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Staying Organized in 2012: TABLETOP SPECTRAFILE CLUTCH

Part of my New Year's Resolution is to be ORGANIZED........ yes Organized! I have in my mind what my plan is but now I have to execute it. So one of my things to organize on my list was all of my business receipts for my Shop to help in Efficient bookkeeping. I see from experience that not only keeping your receipts is a must but having them organized as well, will save you a whole lot of time at the end of the year when taxes are due. If someone else does your taxes, they will love you for having them in order. ;)  This is part of my bookkeeping system that I am really putting in to place for year 2012. Now if you are wondering where did I get my bookkeeping system which is made just for Etsy? (sweet huh?) You can find the past post that tells you all about it and where I scooped it up from here.

Now lets get to it! I came across this  TABLETOP SPECTRAFILE CLUTCH, which is  sized: 10.25'' x 5.75'' x 1'' by Darice (pictured above)  at Jo-Anns. I did happen to see these at Amazon also. If you google search you will find more places to purchase so you can compare prices.

This would be excellent for stickers, borders, die cuts, journaling, and more!. Another Great thing is that it is Acid free, PVC free, and has Archival quality.

You can choose to label your dividers by alphabet or by months. I have chosen to use the stickers that are included by months. The awesome thing about this was that there is 12 Dividers which equals 12 individual slots for each month! Its desktop so you can spread it out and it sits on the table like a box and when not in use it shrinks back down to an accordion file..

I noticed that they had a large Sprectrafile tabletop Organizer. As you can see below it looks like it can get the organize ball rolling!

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