Saturday, January 7, 2012

Geekery Boombox Style

 Today felt like a sit back and listen to the music type of day. Now just to get that started,  I decide to go on a hunt to find all things BOOMBOX style. And Whalaaahhh! I found some cute, cute, and more cute finds. I must admit that all of this Geekery got me excited so I wanted to share with you the neat things I found that was inspired by the "Boombox"!

 I found this Cute Mini BoomBox Pillow at MyMIMI. Oh how cute!

 What more could you ask for? Now this is how you pimp your Iphone out. Ole' school style! You can scoop this up at Skunkwraps!

 I can feel it in my bones that my computer would love me for this! I found this unique skin at Stickitskins

 Here was another rad skin that I thought my computer would love me for! This one is created by beepart


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