Saturday, January 7, 2012

Featured Artist: 5erg

I am a fan of Geekery and Felt! So I was able to get a great interview from a unique Crafter from Eastern Europe.... 5erg! I took a peek at her shop and a grin and then a huge smile developed over my face. I thought those little plushies were so so adorable and the cutest things ever. Then I had to take a closer look at them and was like WOW... those are made of Felt! So you know me, this made me want to pick 5erg's brain and learn much more about her and her talents!

I guess we should hop down to the interview! 

1.) How did you come up with the name 5erg?My name is Silja Erg and I sign my paintings/drawings S.Erg.
On the Internet, Serg was taken, so I used 5erg.
But 5erg is also taken a lot of the times (by the Sergeis of the world), so now I usually use my full name. Soon my real name will be taken too, so I'll use my social security number and then my biography.

2.) Give a little background on who is behind 5erg?
I'm a painter and crafter who sometimes likes to study biology. I'm from a little town in Estonia, Eastern Europe so I'm pretty geeky. I like to tell people what to do, so I'm sorry for that. I'm a bit patriotic I guess, pretty much everything said about my people or home is instantly taken personally. On the other hand, when someone says something directly about me I tune out most of the time.
I argue a lot.  
I change my opinions pretty often, in accordance with finding out new stuff. 
I think one of the biggest trials is concentration. For many reasons and also because there are so many interesting things in the world and it is hard to quit one for another. I don't believe in being able to or needing to do everything at once (well).

3). What type of materials do you use in your crafts?
I use regular lamb wool most of the time when I make felt plushies or dolls. I also use a variety of other stuff. I believe you have also noticed that people go mental when they get into a supply shop? I'm one of those, I feel like I need everything, from paints to beads to metalwork supplies! And so far even when there is a three year time gap in creation, I've ended up using all the supplies I've collected.

4.) How does your day start and end?
I love waking up in the evening and going to sleep in the morning, because it's the most quiet time. I've found that that way I wake up excited and motivated, but when I wake up in the morning I feel like I get more involved in the daily activities and get distracted. And when the bedtime is in the morning it gets lighter and maybe sunnier by the hour, so you get less sleepy and again, the day is more productive. 
It sounds terrible I know.
But generally a person has to be on a daytime schedule, then I usually waste most of the day doing "normal" stuff and feel very sleepy in the evening because no matter what time you wake up you get sleepy around 9pm because babies go to sleep at that time. 

5.) What is your favorite color? (Random huh?)
Greens are the most pleasant I guess.
I can't pick one color! Color combinations are more important because if I'd say my favorite color is pink then someone is going to give me a dress that is pink on pink and my entire life is ruined.
Your interview has a lot of impact you see, I must be careful.

I like teal on warm yellowish gray, old pink with olive green, yellow and gray(like the sky when it has been a sunny weather moments before a thunderstorm ),  brass and blue. And guess what, I have started to like blue and red that I used to hate, burgundy on washed out turquoise.

6) What is your favorite out of all of your creations.... (I would say all of them :D but which is you most favorite)
Hahhaa thanks! 
Currently I like the displeased kitty ornament . but my all time favorites are the sassy mermaids.
When I started making them I googled it and didn't find anyone else who made this sort of creepy mermaids or non-Ariel mermaids. So I was pretty proud of it. 
Now I see that over the years there are others coming up with similar stuff (which is inevitable I guess because mermaids are so common so people must think in the same direction) so I have to keep thinking of new stuff. 
Although as much as I've looked around, none has made mermaid dolls exactly like mine yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

7.) Where can we find more about 5erg?
Etsy shop:
Homepage with all my links:
So there you have it. These little kitties are so cute and they look like they would be addictive!


  1. Thank you for the kind introduction! :D

  2. Great interview. 5erg is awesome.. been following her for awhile!


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