Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY - How to take a SCREEN shot (Revisited)

Have you ever been in a treasury or blogged about somewhere and wanted to get a screen shot of it? Well I do have a easy way that will let you accomplish this. First you need to open up the website that you are featured on. Now open up another browser and proceed to this website address: . At the top of thumbalizr website page you need to enter your "target url" (I just copy the url in the top address box from the page I want to screen shot and paste it in the target url box) The option screen is automatically selected by default. After this, click "thumb it".
You will see on the left side "thumbalizing (which ever site you are trying to get a screen shot for) I am going to use my teepetal's blog as an example. It will then give you a message that it has finished thumbing the page. In the middle green box you will see a thumbnail of your page you needed to get a screen shot of. It will give you the option of picking your thumbnail size. I'll pick 320 so you can see how it looks. Once you click on the size it will open up another brower with your screen shot. You can pick the other sizes. Just mess around with them to pick the one that works better for your screen shot your trying to achieve. After this right click or move your cursor towards the top left corner and wait for mini box at the top right of the picture (it shows a disk, printer, email, and picture folder) Click the disk to save the picture.Try to save it as a JPEG because JPEG 's seem to load up a bit faster. I notice that this saved as a PNG file. I just open my photoshop elements 6 and resave it as a JPEG file. Be sure to pick a place where you will remember and save it. So there you have it, your very own screen shot!! This is a tutorial for windows since I am working with Windows system. Please feel free to post comments to let me know if this worked for you.

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