Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Coupon Scratch Cards Tutorial

Do you want to offer your returning customers or attract new customers by offering them a coupon? Well here is a way to execute just this but in a snazzy way!!!
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What you will need:
1) A Printer - Inkjet or Laser (I'm using inkjet on this go round)
2) 1 pack of standard blank business cards
3) 1 pack of scratchoff stickers (wondering where to get these? Check out EasyScratchoffs.com easy and fast service or MyScratchOfflabels site... they do have an Etsy shop to Myscratchofflabels.
4) Business card software (If you are a pro with photoshop then go ahead with your bad self! You can create them using photoshop)
5) Two blank white sheets of plain paper
Mostly all of these supplies can be found at your local Staples, Office Max, or Shop that sells the Items above. Now that you have everything that you need, let's get started!!*********************************************************************************************
Step 1:
Its time to start with a design. I mesh in my business card look with my scratchcard design to make everything match up. As you can see this is the design that I came up with:

For your front design be sure to leave enough room to apply your scratch off sticker. Your coupon code should be just a little smaller than your sticker. I have placed mines at the bottom in the middle of my card. This way the sticker will fit nicely over-top. For the codes I use a set of numbers and allow my self a little extra space to plug in extra numbers to make the code unique and easy for tracking.
Now that we have the front design it is time for a test print. This way you can see if your coupon code needs to be adjusted or not. After your test print and you find everything aligned and to your liking its time to print the original! "PERFECTO!"

So our front design is looking fabulous! Now it's time to work on the back. You can complete your back design in STEP 1 but I like to do it after the front is printed. This way I can work a design in to correspond with my front design. On the back as you can see I use this space to let my customer know how they can redeem them, Which site they can be accepted at, and also you can add an expiration date.

Grab your other blank white sheet of paper and run a test print. Do you like what you see? If so lets get to printing your original.
Now with your 1st front scratch card design facing you. Flip it up sidedown and turn it around. This way you should be seeing the clean white back side of your scratch card sheet. (Take a peek at the back, your front design should be upside down). Insert in to printer this way and wait for it............
Be sure to add the extra numbers to your coupon code and Record them down so when a customer redeems them you can keep track for your records. Or use the Coupon code Feature Etsy has to keep it all simple for you.  After you have completed this its time to put your scratch off sticker on top of your codes.

Proceed to tear cards apart along dotted lines and there you have it. Your own coupon scratchcards. These should help in keeping your customer happy and coming back. This puts a little more excitement in receiving a coupon!
Let me know if you have any questions.


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