Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cup Cozies Frenzies

Knitted Yellow Mustard Cup Cozy Mug Sleeve from GoodWeather

What's better than a warm cup of tea? Well, a warm cup of tea with a cozy! I'm talking about a cozy with an extra touch to it or a cozy created from pretty colored yarn or fabric.
 Here are just a few of my choices. Yeah, I have a bunch of favorites but I will show you some since I have your attention! Ahh-Tennnn-Tionnn! :D

I know this isn't a Cup Cozy but, This Apple cozy in pink and sage Green From MontanaDaisyGirl is too darn cute!

Below is more of my Favorites!

I can be so elegant while sipping with this cozy from Ckstitches!

I have so many more favorites! hmmmm maybe I will do a Cozy series or something. I don't know why these little creations excite me but they do. I love the look and feel of them.


  1. What a stunning collection!thank you for including my cozy:)

  2. Your welcome! Albina, It's truly one of my favorites!


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