Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New For 2012 - Ereader and Tablet Cases!

Everyone I know has gotten an Ereader or Tablet and is waiting for me to come up with a New design for them. So I got excited and decided to bring them out now instead of 2012, when the New Year come in. I wanted to come up with a design that would hold your ereader or Tablet snug and also make it easy to slide in and out. After a few hours of decided between two designs I decided to go with this one. Now I can't decide which one I want for my self!!!! :D

I have decided to go ahead and put these in the shop! So If you would like to know more info about them, Check them out New Ereader/Tablet Cases . Or stay here a while and browse Craft-Tee Mix!!! Would love to know your feedback on these!.


  1. Wonderful! Easy access and great colors too.

  2. Thanks! I really had fun making these Tisha


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