Friday, October 7, 2011

Thrifty Find today!

Well to start off. Today was a great day. A day to go THRIFTY SHOPPING!!!

On my little journey I found this cute little tea cup which has "Time for tea" written all over it along with cute multi-colored flowers on it.

Being a lover of tea (Green tea), I couldn't resist a cup saying "Time for tea"! To top that off, this little cup has a little compartment on the side to place your used or unused teabag in. So Useful huh? So how much did I it for? Well $0.79 cents. I was also thinking that I would have love a box of tea to go with it! . :D But anyways even without the teabags I got a deal! And Its CUTE!!!!

Now time for some TEA!!!! Let's test this baby out!


  1. love that tea cup, it is funny, i am a cup aholic myself, i hoard them,

  2. I know I keep this one all to my self:)

  3. I love thrift finds. I'm always going to those small shops looking for something cool or interesting. Glad I found your blog through BloggingBuddies.


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