Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Craft show or Anywhere Credit Card Solutions!

I thought that I would throw this out there for those that would love to accept credit cards at craft shows or use it as a payment for selling your wares anywhere but don't know where to start. It can be iffy trying to find a legit place to start with.

I do have two favorites that I would like to recommend that aren't difficult to setup. Propay and Squareup.

I did order the squareup but didn't realize that it was for APP market (android) only. (I'm a blackberry lover!) But my friend she uses it and she says she loves how easy it is to use. I can add that I did order one and it came zippy fast in the mail. But no workie on the blackberry. Here is more information on the squareup and how to get your hands on one. SquareUp

Now I can give you some feedback on Propay! It is really simple to use. They give you the credit card logos to display to let customers know that you accept credit cards. These are downloaded and printed out on your printer. You can also request a debit card to go along with this account also. Sweet huh? I always use this at my craft shows and also when I have a local friend that wants to purchase my handmade wares with their credit cards and not paypal.

There are two ways you can run your credit card sales. Over the phone or on the internet. Me personally I like to do it online. You will also need to get a knuclebuster with your business name on the plate. What's a knuckle buster? Well check here: Mr Imprinter (there is so much more places on ebay to get them. But Wow its been a long, long, long, while since I remember getting mine from Mr. Imprinter. I also received the credit card slips along with it to. This way with the knuckle buster you can cover your butt with signatures from the purchaser. You can get Mr. Imprinter to add you Business name to your printer also!

Okay now with that said, you can view more information on ProPay at: Propay

Paypal also offer these solutions for accepting credit cards but I think propay is more reasonable.

Oh and one more thing about Propay. They do have a little accessory like the Squareup but it is called the Jax! So maybe that's something that would become useful for you also!

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