Sunday, February 6, 2011

My NEW Sewing Machine!!

I finally did it. Got me a Janome sewing machine. I must admit, the singers to me don't stand up to the quality of their names anymore. Maybe its just me picking the lemon machine out from the store. But this machine is a lot more powerful than it looks. It sews through thick fabrics with no problem, not like my Industrial Singer machine I had. I also love how the dog feeds automatically adjusts to the fabric thickness. The bobbin winds all the way to the the end and doesn't stop half way when I make a new one. It also came with a nice hard case to go over top of it. Also their is a pull out table on it for quilting but i am still trying to figure out how to extend it with out me being a fast butt and yanking and breaking it.

As of right now I think that I have fallen in love. I have cut my sewing time almost in half. No skipped stiches any more! Oh and also for the great part I did get the luxury of putting this on layaway and paying on this. I had never dealt with Janomes before so I was kinda weary... but the company was nice and on point with every thing. They also sell phaff, jukis and other namebrand machines. Oh if you would like to know where i got it from feel free to ask.

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