Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I always love to through a sale here and there in my Etsy shop but the only thing is that you have to go through each and every listing to edit them one by one. So I was excited to see that there was an app out there creat!ed just for this. ETSYONSALE! This app made is so easy to put the items or sections that I wanted to go on sale (pssst sale going on in the shop now!) I first found about this through the Etsy forum. Here is a great thread in the forums about it: How I am Doubling my Sales this Quarter.

Its really awesome! They give you a link at the end of creating your sale to use for promoting on twitter, facebook, and other places. You can Include in the beginning of each listings title like example: ON SALE, HALF OFF, what ever you would like to let viewers know you are having a sale. I put mines up as an example so that you can see what it would look like.

Would love to know you experience with ETSYONSALE.... so comment what you think about it

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  1. Hi -

    I read your post about Etsy on Sale and I had tried it when it first came out. I hope they fixed the bugs in it and made it a little faster. I'm considering doing a sale for the week of CyberMonday after Thanksgiving.


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