Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay when I first took a look at Skribblykids it brought a smirk on my face.... I mean these creations are so darn cute, fun, creative, and unique! I mean the facial expression of each character lets you know immediately what they are thinking or up to....mischief??? hmmmmm?? :D So with that said, I guess you would love to know more about the story behind how SkribblyKids came to be and the creator!

1.)How did you come up with your shop name in that creative noodle of yours?

For some reason I've always liked messing with the spelling of words (maybe because I'm a bad speller?). When I was trying to come up with different names for my shop, “scribble” kept popping into my head. The next logical step (for me) was to add the K.... and now its SkribblyKids :D

2.) How would you describe your style:

At the moment I seem to have 2. First one is very cutesy mash up between Disney and Ren and Stimpy. The other is more UPA retro-modern 50s style cartoons.

3.) What inspires you?
Other great art! I'm always on different illustration and art blogs drooling over other people's works.

4.) (Random)What is your favorite color?

5.) Do you offer custom orders?

I do, and I love them!
You can get your portrait (or pet portrait) in a variety of different styles.

6.) How does Skribblykids busy day starts and ends:
SkribblyKids has a day job as a Motion Designer and Compositor. What this means is I work on Movies and TV shows etc. You can see what I've done here:
When I get an odd moment here and there I post on etsy forums, make new characters, and so on.

7.)Out of all of your current listing's on Etsy right now, what is your favorite creations:
I love my lobby characters. They are fun, and now in card form!

8.) Is there anywhere else we can get a taste of SkribblyKids except etsy? (oh we would love links if there is!)
Sure, (main site) (blog) (twitter)!/pages/SkribblyKids-Greeting-Cards/122438424457025 (facebook)

9.) Anything else you would like us to know, blogs, happy times, anything!
Keep creative every day, even if it's just a little skribble :)
So there you have it! If your feeling that you need to have a skribbly in your life, then get your self over to skribblyKids's shop---> Skribblykids

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