Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bicycle INspired FINDS

So I have a theme in mind...BICYCLES! With that said I am on my hunt to find all things that are bicycled themed !

This is a must for all bike lovers....yep a bicycle tea cup mug! I love the way the inside of this is a bold sky blue. You can get you hands on this or more different type of these at LennyMud

Get the bicycle inspired bathroom or kitchen that you wanted. If your going for a bicycle speed, well these would be fab to add to your collection. Now you can get your hands on these at branchhandmade

I love this screenprinted thermal sage bike hoodie. I love the bike design that has been added to this hoodie. Stylish and comfy! You can get your hands on these and more at Thefullspectrum

ART BLOX! These little creations are unique, fun, and affordable. I love the bold colors in these. Man, do I need a bike! This makes me want to ride, ride, and ride. You can see more of Michelle Allen's work at AllenDesignsStudio

This little "White Plated Vintage Bicycle Pendant Necklace" is so cute! The awesome thing about it was that it has movable parts! You can find this little beauty and more at morikaty.
2011-2010 bicycle calendar/planner to write down all of your appointments, address, important dates, and more. This is a new stamp that I have added to the choices of
having your choice stamped on your calendar. You can find more of these at teepetals


  1. These are really great items! Thank you so much for including my mug!

  2. I love bikes, they're so classic and elegant. I'm lucky to see dozens of them everyday around Boston.
    I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )



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