Sunday, February 21, 2010

FREE Blog Giveaway Website

So as you can see I have been doing more than a few giveaways on my blog and thought that it was really really fun. I had been thinking to myself now how awesome would it be to offer my fellow readers a site of nothing but blog giveaways from different Artisians of the handmade world! Jewelry, wallets, soaps, accessories, you name it... the works. ! With that said, I have been working on a site to have lots of blog giveaways all in one spot. If you are hosting a blog giveaway you just simply fill out the "Submit your Giveaway" Form and I do the rest. Did I mention it's totally FREE!
This little adventure I have been on has allowed me to find alot of unique etsy shop by visiting blogs that are doing giveaways.
You will find that to your right on the side bar I have included a link to take you to teepetals handmade news.


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