Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vintage 1961 Drawing Finds

I do have a love for vintage! So while on my mission to look for some quirky "another man's junk is another man's treasure" goodies I came across this old charcoal/illustration drawing which is dated for 1961 and signed by Frederick Witton. This @ 11x14 artwork piece was buried behind a lot of other large print pictures at an estate sale event. It seems to be the original frame that was placed on the artwork at the time of its completion. Vintage craft paper is attached(glued) to the back. As me being curious I want to see what's underneath the paper and the uncurious side tells me to aught!! Leave it alone.

So I rambled through my brain to try to see if I could remember any piece of information that I might have heard somewhere about this artist.....Nothing... I googled him and found a tad bit of information. Saw where a couple of his art works were auction off and noticed that the signatures on there matched the signature on this drawing... Well all that matters is that this piece of artwork makes me happy! But you know me... I am still going to try to research more on him.....

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