Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Representing the SELF Representing ARTIST in you

Are you an Artist that's looking for another venue/portfolio on line to expand your creative paints, sculptures, drawings, and more. Well EBSQ art may be a way to go. Ebsq art has really expanded since I first joined in 2004. I have seen alot of artist use this site to their advantage and have really gotten their work out there. I mean like the Big "Super walmart" carried their stuff for a little while. They do pick an "Artist of the day" daily so you never know when your art will be on the front page of their website aswell as in everyone that subscribes mailboxes. Not only does it just contain artist but also those that seek and love art too. The subscription is $8.00 a month. This allows you to store you paintings and also randomly your art will be thumbnailed on diffent pages. You even have a chance for your art to be used in the cool concentration game they have. Neat huh? Or you can register free and look around to see how things work. There is so much stuff packed in this website:

You can also add external links such as your twitter, blog, website, Etsy (oh yeah), Ebay, and more. These links show right up on your profile homepage. Another cool thing is that that these picture on the portfolio prints out in really low resolution. So this will help you from having your work taking from your portfolio and used without your consent.

I don't work with mines as much as I should but It has gotten me some custom orders. You can view my profile here: . You can see how my art work has progress from when I first started and where I am at now. I can never get enough of learning.

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