Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Okay If you are a "NEWBIE" on Etsy or maybe if you have been on Etsy for a while and haven't been up with the program, You might be wondering? What in the world is PIF? Well, After searching Etsy's forum pages and doing a search about PIF I have finally found out what it is.....Drumroll please...(I know you can't hear the drums) but anyways It is Paying It Forward. Doing something kind for someone and the kindness will be returned back to you. Now the person who recieves the PIF needs to do something kind for someone else. Some wonder if it's kindness why does the seller still list it for a price. Just remember that the sellers do have to list it for at least $.20 because Etsy will not let any items be added if it is less than the actual listing cost. You must be sure to read the entire listing, some require you to pay shipping and some don't but either way its a sweet deal.

When I search on etsy to find PIF items There are over 1500 of PIF's on there! Here are just a few of my favorites that I love:

This beautiful Butterfly Postcard set is from

Variety of postcards $.20 PIF

Beautiful Pink swarovski crystal dangle earrings

You can find these beauties at for $.20 PIF

Cute Crochet Rocket Ship Pattern. Be sure to
Read the listing before purchasing. Seems
that the Crochet pattern is all there!
$.20 PIF

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  1. OMG - thank you for posting this! I came across a listing the other day for $.20 and could not for the life of me figure out why they were listing for that low price - I just knew something had to be wrong! Now I know what it was!

    Thank You for making me aware of this!



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