Friday, October 30, 2009

Professional Product Hang Tag Label Attaching

Looking for ways to attach your hang tags to your beautiful handmade products? Well I have found some Professional AVERY 5" secur-a-tach fasteners that allows you to attach your hang tag or label the way the big stores do. You can buy these fasteners at your local Staples for about $4.99 a bag for 100 count. These fasteners are natural polyethylene. You just insert and lock in place.
I know people may say I don't want my product to look like the items in the big stores but this is where your handmade hang tags comes in to play. There are a lot of shops on Etsy that sells custom made hangtags and also shops that design custom made hang tags for you to print them out yourself from your home printer.
These fasteners are useful for hanging items at craftshows and in your studio for storage. Usually at craft shows you can hear people say these are really professional tagged. I just smile and say thanks but love the thought of it being simple as can be along with inexpensive. So if you were looking for a way or a new way to hang your hangtags I hope this works out for you!

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