Sunday, October 18, 2009

ArtFire Shop - Sell handmade

I have been hearing about and wanted to give it a try so I have finally set up an Artfire shop. I do love the fact that you are able to list in the basic member status and sell your products. But the basic member status do lacks some of their cool features like getting membership to guilds, rearranging you shop with catagories, and more. You can get these features and more by subscribing for $ 12.00 a month. If you get the sales this is not a bad deal at all. So back to the basics member features. I love the fact that I can import my items from Etsy and perform a bulk edit on things such as shipping, prices, color, category placement and more. They also allow you to do coupon codes....... i could go on and on about it... but you just have to see it for yourself.

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