Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Easy Shopping Guide Magazine for a Crafter or just plain ole' anyone

If you are a crafter and looking to save money, I think the Consumer Reports Shopsmart Magazine may turn out to be a good friend to you. This magazine isn't a craft book but it is a good reference to search for deals on everyday living expenses....which means more dollars for your crafting supplies!!! CHA CHING!!! There is a mixture of topics such as showing you other auction sites beyond ebay which would be a great find for those that search and sell vintage items. I was shocked to see that there is a auction website. They take products such as cameras, grills, lawnmowers, etc, and compare them to help you purchase the best one to fit your needs.
I picked this magazine up at walmart for $4.99. You can check out their site to find out more about SHOPSMART.

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