Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Featured WEDNESDAY Artist "Delarenaissance"

When i think of color pencils it takes me back to when I was in the 3rd grade learning the color wheel. But this artist has taken the color pencil medium to another level. When I first looked I thought this was graphics, then another look, maybe acrylic paints. Soon after reading that it was done in Prisma color pencils, I knew I had to feature this artist. You can view more of her work at her etsy shop. http://www.delarenaissance.etsy.com/ . She sells ACEO(artist trading cards), prints, and more.

Her technique is so skillful, bold, and detailed which creates her work to have a 3D effect on the eye. Each detailed stroke is so delicate and has it's own little place. Now that's one crafty hand! So lets get to know a little bit more about the wonderful artist who is responsible for these beautiful art works.

1. What inspires you to create? Love of life is what inspires me to create. The colors, the sounds, the sights, the smells.So many beautiful little things are missed in our busy modern lives. The understanding look an animal can give, the interesting connection of all that is around us. From the twinkling of the stars above, the ripples and reflections in a puddle of water, the affection one creature can give another, even the amazing ability a dandelion has to grow in the crack of a sidewalk and the beauty it creates if one were to kneel beside it and notice the vibrant yellow flowers and lush green color in the leaves. So much beauty is available to see but is missed. How I marveled one day when a stunning double rainbow appeared over our closest city, and good friends we were visiting with exclaimed of the beauty after it was pointed it out. That rainbow was the first they had ever seen.I wish others to see all of the wonderful things I see, to know this world is filled with love and beauty. That is why I create.

2. How long have you been creating? An exact time of when I started creating is unknown, but I do know it was when I was very very young. My grandmother, great aunt, and father were all talented artists, so when I showed an interest in art I was highly encouraged. Horses were my main interest, and doodles of them started appearing on the pages of my childhood books, on the car windows, and any available paper I could find. I suppose it would be fair to say I have been creating for about 49 years.3. Which medium do you like to work in best?At this time in my life I would say my favorite would be Prismacolor Pencils. Over the years I have created art in many mediums, from oils to watercolor, graphite to bronze sculpture, scratchboard to acrylics. And I do love creating in nearly any medium, but Prismas can provide many different styles without fumes or drying time.

4. Which one is your favorite of all your creations? My favorites can very from day to day, but if I had to pick one I would say the painting 'Peek A Boo', a delightful little piece of a 'rare golden Pegasus' filly (now white, but soon to turn golden) peeking out through her mother's golden wing, instead of taking her nap, would be my all time favorite.(Here is a link to the photo) http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20842423

5. How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as a vibrant, colorful blend of realism and story book illustration with a dash of whimsy and a touch of magic.


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