Saturday, May 16, 2009

CRAFTY Hosting Site

Crafty Hosting ( )is a site I came across while on my journey of looking for more ways to promote my blog and etsy shop. I've browsed through this site and it does seems to be user friendly. I notice under the page for " most popular articles" There is a topic which reads "Displaying Etsy mini as your website. I'm guessing you can use this as you website page template. Theyshow under shopping cart you can purchase The Workshop Hosting Package 1 GB space, 5 GB transfer$10 USD per monthfree setupunlimited email accountsunlimited ftp accounts unlimited MySQL databasesPHP 5, MySQL 5, CGI, Perl, ROR, Python, Curl, GD, Image Magick, Cron
$10.00 USD Monthly$30.00 USD Quarterly$60.00 USD Semi-Annually$120.00 USD Annually. (This is the Cost information I got off of the website). This site like alot others let you refer others for account credit.
I do see that it was launched in 2009 so there probaly isn't enough information out there about it. If anyone knows more about it or have given it a try please feel free to leave a comment. Or if you just want to leave you opinion, feel free to comment.

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  1. thanks for that, I'll check it out



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