Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Featured WEDNESDAY Artist "Raisinlike"

While searching the pages of Etsy I came across a shop ( that offers cute little one of a kind art dolls. I thought to my self wow this artist has such an imagination. These little cute characters are called "Flutterbutts". I kinda giggled when I saw the name of them but it fits them really well. So I just had to convo (email) the creater of these and ask if I could feature them on my blog. As I hoped, she agreed! Her name "Sharona Reoveni". I wanted to get to know a little more about her creations and this is what I got:

1. So just to let every one know what is your name or we can just go by your shop name?

Sharona Reoveni

2. How did you come up with the name "FlutterButt"?

I used a name for these in Hebrew since I "invented" then (Bubail which is a combination of buba=doll, puppet and mobile). WHen I started selling on Etsy, I did a little promotion where I held a competition for naming them in English. I actually came up with the name myself, during the competition and gave the award (a free Flutterbutt) to a lady who suggested Sfogie, FOamie, and Wee Foamie for my different size puppets - Sfogie being the full size (sfog=foam in Hebrew). The bottom line for this long story is this - they flutt around like butterflies and have nice bottoms under their tutus. That is why they are called Flutterbutts :o)

3. Out of all of your "Flutterbutts and Flutterheads" creations which one is your favorite?

Lately I have been enjoying making historical Flutterbutts, like queens Victoria and Elizabeth the first ( and I just love making their elaborate dresses and decorations. I also try to keep a range of prices in my shop, that is how I came up with the Flutterheads and Flutterhead magnets. Unfortunately for me, my inspiration usually comes at the late hours of the night, so combined with my day job, I don't get a lot of sleep hours these days..4. As I mentioned, I love the little queens I am making lately. But withouht a doubt, my favorite is good old Pinky, who is also my shop brand model. I made him several years back, and he is now our "house Flutterbutt" enjoying freedom of movement and speech around the house and sometimes even outside of it. Here are some photos of Pinky doing his thing -

Hope you enjoyed getting a little more info about the creater of the "Flutterbutts and Flutterheads"! You can view all of her work in her etsy shop and own your own Flutterbutt! . Oh forgot to tell everyone I had to get my little girl one of these...psst secret..... she loves these little dolls to collect. And also a cute little "two' s a company" flutterbutt notecard.

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  1. Thank you very much my dear, and I hope your little one enjoys her new friend :o)


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