Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st Run On "Handprinting" fabric

Well I was so excited to start on some ideas for handprinting my own fabrics. Traffic was a mess today while trying to get to target...it was closer to my work. But just to my surprise no luck on some freezer paper. So fighting traffic again I made it to Krogers and tahdah!!!! They had some freezer paper. The Large size! So off I went to create my stencil. The more detailed the more time it takes but it makes it look so pretty when there is lot of details. Here I used one stencil over and over again. To my surprise it stuck to the fabric each time I ironed it on. The type of fabric I used was the 100% unbleached cotton muslin. So as you can see this is what I got after working with the stencils and paints. This is already addictive, I am already working on some more stencils. You can see more of her in my etsy shop: http://www.teepetals.etsy.com/

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